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      Anderson's Belts - Men's Belts

      Blue Woven Belt - Anderson's Sold Out
      $164.00 CAD $235.00 CAD

      Save : 30%

      Blue & Grey Woven Belt - Anderson's Sold Out
      $175.00 CAD $235.00 CAD

      Save : 25%


        Anderson’s products are typical of the quality and craftsmanship prevalent in years gone by and are made in a small factory in Parma Italy. The family manufactures all of its products by hand and continuously inspect the workmanship and quality of the components to ensure the consumer enjoys belts that deserve the Anderson name. Wearing an Anderson belt is adding a unique yet timeless component to your personal presentation. The collection is composed of the finest leather, woven leather, suede and braided stretch belts. The collection includes a full range of dress and casual belts in colours that will enhance any outfit. The uniqueness of the collection is sure to enhance any man’s wardrobe.