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      Currency Selector, in the upper right hand cornerA currency selector is provided for the convenience of shoppers around the world. Please note that this selector only affects the displayed price. All orders will be processed in Canadian dollars, regardless of the displayed currency.

      The options currently supported are:

      • CAD – Canadian Dollars ( $ )
      • USD – United States Dollars ( $ )
      • GBP – Pounds Sterling ( £ )
      • EUR – Euros ( € )

      Exchange rates used by Boutique Jacques are refreshed twice a day based on the rates at XE.com. The rate used by your credit card provider may differ due to the posting date and a currency conversion fee. Rates are automatically scheduled to be updated at 00:00 GMT and 07:00 GMT (8pm EDT and 3am EDT), however, updates may take place up to a few hours later than scheduled.

      For more information, or to request support for additional currencies, please contact info@boutiquejacques.com.