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      Jacques' Style

      What do you know about Stenströms ?

      What do you know about Stenströms ?

      Being one of the oldest companies in Scandinavia is not the only reason you should think about buying some Stenströms goodies. They happen to manufacture very high-quality shirts that balance between elegance and understatement, the perfect formula for this summer.


      Established before the 20th century, Stenströms are in a league of their own of brands. Still to this day, family run and operating out of the same factory, they have established a history that most brands can only dream of.

      Swedish tailor August Stenström opened up a shop in Helsingborg in the 1880s in the south of Sweden. He quickly built up a great reputation for producing the highest quality shirts in the land, officially founding Stenströms as a professional shirtmaker in 1899.

      His business flourished and word spread very fast. Sea captains who sailed the  that sailed through the harbour of Helsingborg became valuable clientele. They would return to their home countries dressed in Stenströms’ elegant outfits, catching the attention of stylish folk seeking beautifully crafted shirts, made from the finest fabrics. These sea captains at the time, unknowingly bolstered Stenströms’ reach from being a small local vendor to a global exporter of premium shirts.


      Why is Andersons Belts Our Favourite?

      Why is Andersons Belts Our Favourite?

      Anderson's Leather Goods was founded in Parma more than 50 years ago as a family company dedicated to the production of leather belts and accessories. The business history of this brand is similar to that of many small and medium-sized Italian companies in the field of fashion that have contributed over the years to spreading the world's unique style that characterizes Made in Italy productions. Anderson's belts respect the tradition of Italian handcrafted leather goods, combined with modern production techniques. The manufacturing takes place in Italy, in the Parma factory, where, while the environment and work is respected, every detail is taken care of and checked to obtain an exceptional quality and without defects. Parma in Northern Italy is known for the quality of its food and leather goods. And that quality is built on the same passions, skills and stubborn dedication to traditions worth defending. Steeped in those traditions, Anderson’s has been making belts in Parma—and nowhere else—for the last 50 years.




      All of the company's productions, including Anderson's Belt collection start from the choice of leathers. This is of great importance to achieve the high quality standards that the company has set itself as an objective. This part of the production, due to its importance, is entrusted to the experience of Mr. Valenti, owner of Anderson's, who makes this choice in first person among the best tanneries on the market. Another feature that contributes to raising the quality standard of Anderson's belts is the buckle that is made of a single piece in chromium-plated brass casting without nickel and hand-polished in Italy; the buckle made in this way is hypoallergenic and very sturdy, able to maintain an aspect that is always new over time. Anderson's belts are produced with various leathers and materials, to offer a wide choice of products suitable for any occasion. The offer ranges from the classic Anderson leather belts to the more sporty, elastic, solid color and multi-color belts. Attention to detail during production and attention to the choice of leathers gives Anderson's belt superior quality and exceptional durability. The dedication that Anderson's puts in the creation of its products has allowed it to be recognized as one of the best brands in the industry and to be present in the best stores around the world.

      “To make the best belt requires the perfect balance of the past, your skills and identity, your heritage, personality and procedures; the present, your people and the tools they use; and the future. You have to improve and you have to improve for tomorrow. And that is pretty much what it takes to make the best of anything.” Of course, you don’t have to do it the Anderson’s way. You could cut down on the ruthless culling of inferior hides. You could cut back on the hand-shaping, trimming, die-cutting, die-stamping, methodical stab-stitching, loose-thread sealing and hand-finishing and polishing using hard natural wax. And you could start by not spending up to six months naturally tanning your hides with oak barks and natural tannins.


      It's all about the 3 qualities that make these special belts.

      • Stretch

      • Performance

      • Appearance


      • Stretch

        • The stretch in these braided belts isn’t something you realized you needed in a belt...until you did. This is a complete game-changer, because depending on how long the leg of your pant is, how your feeling that day, or even just how much of your sock you want to show. The braid in the belt means two very convenient qualities
        • You can rest your pants anywhere along you waist, any rise of pant at the appropriate height with one belt
        • The comfort – you’ll never notice going up stairs or leaning down that there’s a restrictive waist-band limiting your movement. The belt moves with you.

      • Performance

        • The consistent performance is all any average person asks of a belt: hold my pants up, and keep them up. With most men, pants tend to lower during the day. The braided material doesn’t relax throughout the day with heat or movement like leather, so the feeling is consistent, and never catches your attention.

      • Presentation

        • The presentation of these belts will blow you away and make you want more. If you’re worried that a braided belt is too casual keep this in mind: these belts can be dressed up and dressed down. 


      Andersons Belts

      Stenströms - Style, Quality & Comfort In Every Detail

      Stenströms  - Style, Quality & Comfort In Every Detail

      Swedish shirtmaker Stenströms was established in 1899 and strike the ultimate balance between elegance and understatement, their cotton shirts which have been made using the highest-quality fabrics. 

      We at Boutique Jacques are proud to carry Stenströms shirts. They’ve produced a level of quality that resonates with us and with our customers. Here’s some insight into a brand that will take over your shirt collection, even if you’re die-hard Eton.

       Stenströms is one of the oldest family-owned fashion businesses in Scandinavia. The brand’s story began in 1899 when Swedish tailor August Stenström built up a reputation for producing the highest-quality shirts in the land. All the elegantly dressed men in Helsingborg wanted one of his masterpieces, and Stenström found it hard to keep up. To meet the needs of his sophisticated clients, he decided to build a shirt factory. Under Stenströms’ strict supervision, a larger number of quality shirts could now be produced.

      With time, his business flourished and word spread far and wide. Well-travelled and demanding sea captains that sailed through the harbour of Helsingborg became cherished clients. They would return to their home countries clothed in Stenströms’ chic outfits, catching the attention of the “stylish folk” seeking beautifully constructed shirts, made from the finest fabrics. These sea captains at the time, unknowingly supported Stenströms’ reach from being a small local vendor to a global exporter of premium shirts.




      Portrayed by modernism, simplicity, functionality and especially minimalism, Sweden itself is notorious for its attention to detail and appreciation for craft; for doing things properly without cutting corners to ensure they are long-lasting. To this end, owners of a Stenströms shirt can be quite assured they are wearing something that has been given the upmost attention. Each Stenströms shirt undergoes more than 60 separate production stages, with 25 on the collar alone. Pre-pressing and extra stitching prevent shape and finish from being altered by repeated laundering and ironing. At each stage of production, meticulous quality checks are performed, stitches measured and loose threads removed.  Vented cuffs with buttons and a special edging for extra strength. The sleeves are sewn on with single-needle stitching whereby each seam has at least six stitches per cm. Buttons are hand-made from the highest quality of mother-of- pearl. Even today, most of the elements are still carried out by hand. 


      Stenströms - Boutique Jacques


      We are extremely fortunate to offer a number of Stenströms shirts from their spring/summer 2020 collection. There’s detailed attention on their various colours of cotton, which have purposefully been made in a special cotton fabric, which has been developed especially for Stenströms from one of their Italian suppliers. Stenströms aren’t chemically treated like some other shirts, so there permanent press comes instead from the double ply cotton. This pays off in the long run, because after a few too many dry cleans, treated shirts slowly lose their wrinkle free quality. With Stenströms, the double ply not only easily irons, it stays fresh longer. Stenström is careful to use the most concentrated dyes that don’t just rest on the fabric, but actually fuzes into it. This means durable shirts with vibrant colours even after a season of wears.

       Their latest assortment includes a selection of cotton shirts, including their navy seersucker cotton slim fit shirt, which is both flattering and eminently comfortable. In a time of confinement, the design and fabrics that Stenströms so successfully administer will certainly make you feel relaxed and stylish around the home.