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      Boutique Jacques has hand selected a collection of accessories that will allow you to project your desired image whether you are a professional, a business executive or an aspiring executive.

      Blue Woven Belt - Anderson's On Sale
      $175.00 CAD $235.00 CAD

      Save : 25%

      Wool Tie with Paisley Pattern Wool Tie with Paisley PatternOn Sale
      $105.00 CAD $150.00 CAD

      Save : 30%

      Blue Dotted Tie Blue Dotted TieOn Sale
      $120.00 CAD $155.00 CAD

      Save : 22%

      Navy Wool Tie Navy Wool TieOn Sale
      $145.00 CAD $155.00 CAD

      Save : 6%

      Blue Motif Hankie In Wool Blue Motif Hankie In WoolOn Sale
      $68.00 CAD $85.00 CAD

      Save : 20%

      Leaf Patterned Wool Hankie Leaf Patterned Wool HankieOn Sale
      $75.00 CAD $85.00 CAD

      Save : 11%

      Micro Patterned Wool/Silk Tie Micro Patterned Wool/Silk TieOn Sale
      $105.00 CAD $155.00 CAD

      Save : 32%

      Blue Dotted Wool/Silk Tie Blue Dotted Wool/Silk TieOn Sale
      $120.00 CAD $155.00 CAD

      Save : 22%