Dressing the Creative Professional

Dressing the Creative Professional

So far in this series, we’ve looked at traditional “corporate” professionals. But many of our clients work in creative fields and provide services or products that inspire - architects, designers, advertising executives, and others. The challenge in dressing them is to project the right blend of creativity and professional demeanor. As always, we use color and accessories to help define their personal style. The difference is that creative types have a much broader range of options, from classic suits all the way to t-shirt and jeans – or any combination thereof.

Creatives tend to be more liberal and expressive in their personal style, and generally eschew the idea of any kind of uniform for everyday wear. The rules are far less strict, and the possibilities far more quirky – maybe you’ll want to wear a bowtie, or a suit with a t-shirt and running shoes. Nothing says “creative” quite like a stylishly eclectic wardrobe.

Of course, you still want to look good. The clothes have to fit properly, look good together, no matter how eclectic. And sometimes a more conservative option is required. For those situations, a well-chosen suit will work just as well with a t-shirt as it does with the classic dress shirt and tie. Opt for a suit with richer hues and add a little extra color in the accessories. For example the creative professional might choose a pair of dress jeans or casual pants, paired with a softly constructed or unconstructed sport coat. Jackets run the full range from an elegant, constructed blazer to a very casual linen jacket you can almost wear to the beach. It gives a more professional flavor and can always be removed for a more casual effect.

Browse our collection of casual wear, or come visit us in store and let us help you find your casual chic style.



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  • Leo Green
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  • David Wechsler
    David Wechsler

    Clothing makes a statement that is heard long before we speak. When we enter the room our first impression sets a tone that will be helpful or hinder communicating our creative vision. After all how smart can we be if we can’t pull or wardrobe together! Great blog, keep them coming!

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